Festival of the Spoken Nerd

For one week only, the sold-out phenomenon for the insatiably sci-curious comes to the Fringe. Stand-up mathematician Matt Parker, geek songstress Helen Arney and experiments guy Steve Mould host a show for the fearlessly inquisitive. Three of London’s best (and nerdiest) perform a celebration of comedy, science, music, maths, interactive experiments and maybe some things that go bang.

‘Riotously funny show about science ... brimming with unashamed geekery’ (ThreeWeeks). ‘Harnesses comedy to highlight what is fun, and funny, about science’ (NewScientist.com). ‘Don’t miss this gem of intelligent fun’ (STV Edinburgh). @FOTSN.


August 1-7 20:30 (1hr) 11 - 13

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